Becoming pregnant was the catalyst for my lifestyle change. I have taken steps each month since joining Young Living to remove chemicals from my home.  My life is not chemical free, but the changes I have made by using essential oils, by swapping out my household cleaners, by taking amazing essential oil infused dietary supplements, and by changing my personal care items (everything from toothpaste, to my skincare, my laundry detergent, my dish soap, my deodorant…even my makeup!) are HUGE changes that are positively impacting my family’s overall health. 

I love Young Living’s philosophy of helping people achieve a life of wellness, purpose and abundance and Im working towards this on a daily basis! I love sharing about oils and Young Living products and would love to get you started.  

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xo, Courtney


Helping couples feel less stressed and creating gorgeous events are the key reasons I have loved my career as a wedding planner. Being a mom to my now adult kids and all their friends throughout the years has helped fill my caregiver heart by enjoying all the big and small moments in life. All of that is impacted and sometimes complicated by stress, long work hours and unexpected health issues. Over the past 20 years I have had 4 cancer challenges and each time I have overcome the diagnosis by knowing what was happening within my body, taking immediate action with great doctors and focusing on getting well with a positive attitude. I am very blessed to be where I am today.   


I have kept a variety of essential oils within reach for years, believing in the benefits of plants for our health, but I did not fully understand just how important they can be in all areas of your life. Finding the highest quality of essential oil and experiencing how much they can improve my life has been beyond eye-opening. Who doesn’t want to feel better every day not only mentally and physically, but also by eliminating stress and removing toxins from their home for their families and friends?


There are too many toxins in countless forms surrounding our normal daily routines and it is just time to remove them one by one. I LOVE learning about clean, safe products and how essential oils can make a positive change in not only my life, but those I care about. Sharing something that is so good for us, is simply long overdue.


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